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About us

​Jed’s the Art Director and Ev’s the Copywriter. We're currently at Leo Burnett.

We’ve worked with some of the world's biggest brands, in industries like 

banking, tech, pharmaceutical and motorsport. 

Take a look for yourself

Jed (in Ev’s words):

Tall, dark, handsome - these are just some of the words I wouldn't use to describe Jed. However, I would say he is annoyingly hardworking, and never afraid to give his opinion. But most of all, he has a ridiculous eye for detail, down to even the smallest pixel. He carries all of this through to his personal life too, whether he’s tinkering with cameras in Malta or giving deserved stick to Arsenal players; what you see is what you get with Jed. To sum him up, if there were a creative partner lottery, I’d say I lucked out. I’d also say he did too.

Ev (in Jed’s words):

Ev’s a genius. Seriously. He’s the most creative person I know, and comes up with ideas that are always original, always fun and always push us to do our best work. Outside of the office, Ev’s a vehement Arsenal fan and movie connoisseur, and a friend who’s always honest. If i had to sum him up, I’d describe him as the perfect slightly-better-than-amateur pub quiz team member.

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